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Why look for support?

Typically, obese people try to look for quick fixes for weight loss so they resort to the simplest methods but with very little effort from their part. Weight loss support groups and communities provide you with support on how you can make the right choices so you can lose weight.


As a person trying to lose weight, you need to be able to grasp the reality and understand the causes and effects of being overweight. Weight loss support communities and groups can also provide you with the right understanding regarding the major causes of too much weight gain and other problems related to it.

Fit for your needs

Support groups can also provide you with guidance tailored to meet your needs for emotional support and encouragement. Specialized guidance and counseling can help you make the right choices so you can fight obesity while ensuring that you are on the right track to lose weight.

Instant communication

There are a lot of weight loss support groups and communities that have their own websites and help lines. With the use of technology and communication mediums, you can keep in touch with your support group or community whenever you need them.

Guidance and support

Online support groups for weight loss can offer you guidance and support on problems regarding obesity and how you can deal with them yourself. Furthermore, they can also provide you with the attention for individual questions and issues. With their help, you can learn how to analyze your concerns for yourself.


There are also online forums on weight loss that you can join in. These discussion groups can provide you with instant support, essential tips and information on weight loss, and helpful advice. You can even share the weight loss exercise tips and recipes that you know so you can also help other people.

Public or private?

Forums that offer weight loss support are either private or public. You need to become a registered member to join private forums and at time, there is a verification or validation process involved for security purposes. On the other hand, public forums may or may not require registration. If you are sensitive about your weight loss issues, it is best that you turn to a private forum instead of a public one.

Exclusive websites and forums

Online support groups also have forums included in their websites where they allow discussions regarding weight loss. Joining forums and discussion groups can give you the privilege of expressing your person view on any of the topics being discussed. You may also read feedback and comments from other members and evaluate one another's progress.

All are equal

It is important to consider that some of the people within weight loss support groups and communities are also trying to lose weight. They find support among one another, and once you join them, feel free to offer your support to them, too.

It's free

Weight loss support groups and communities also serve as a good way to keep in touch with people who share the same weight gain concerns and issues with you. You are free to set up an account on these forums without spending anything on it.

The advantages

One of the advantages for joining online support groups for weight loss is that you are free to express your concerns and issues regarding your weight and there are people to help you fight those problems. Furthermore, there is a sense of anonymity as long as you do not completely reveal your identity to them.

People like you

Another advantage is the fact that all of you feel the same about dieting and weight loss. Other members of the support group know how hard it is to say no to comfort foods, and they know how guilty feelings after binging and low self-esteem can affect you. There is no better place to look for support and encouragement but from peers that are also experiencing the same ordeals as yours.

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