Making Sense of the Weight Loss Game

Do you have a goal to lose weight this year? One of the greatest challenges in life is weight loss and the struggles to finally win the battle of the budge. The fuss over weight loss has turned up many diets and fads. This article will look at one certain weight loss diet that has gained in popularity in the weight loss scene.

Why Do We Gain Weight

When a person eats bad carbohydrates and fats they feel hungrier, compelling them to eat more than they should, which produces obvious weight gain. When you eat right, you become healthier and can usually enjoy weight loss faster!

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So, What's New

If you are like many you are probably sick of trying new diets that do not work! What allegedly makes weight loss with the South Beach Diet different is that you discover a new way of life. Weight loss is really about learning to rely on the right carbohydrates and fats. Learning a new way of eating enables you to live contently without eating the bad carbohydrates and fats.

Dr. Agatston, a cardiologist, initially developed the weight loss diet for his chronically overweight heart patients. Soon, thanks to his patients' results, Dr. Agatston's diet became quiet the thing in the Miami weight loss scene.

When the book was released in 2003 it started flying off the shelves. Dr. Agatston has further released two more cookbooks and a healthy food guide. The initial book was released in soft cover in 2005. The success of these books has been phenomenal.

Here is a daily sample of a South Beach Diet.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, 1/2 cup sliced tomato, and Coffee.

Lunch: Turkey slices and low fat cheese on 2 cups mixed greens with 1 1/2 tbsp low sugar salad dressing made with olive or canola oil. Caffeine-free diet soda, water or tea.

Dinner: Baked salmon with lemon slices and steamed broccoli, or large vegetable salad with 1 1/2 tbsp low sugar salad dressing made with olive or canola oil, Caffeine-free diet soda, water or tea.

If you are looking to tackle weight loss this diet may be one to check out. Unfortunately, one of the toughest aspects of weight loss is the ability to stay disciplined. No matter what weight loss program you choose, stick with it!

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