Weight Loss Through Determination and The Right Nutrition

Fasting to lose weight

This procedure is followed by many who are obese and anxious to lose weight. But it is proven not to work. The body cannot tolerate the low blood sugar levels that fasting incurs and so more food is consumed at meal times than normal. People who practice fasting to lose weight often gorge themselves at the first opportunity. But some diets do work.

Diet and High Protein

The CSIRO in Australia developed a diet focused on high protein, low saturated fat and only moderate amounts of carbohydrates. The daily intake of nutrients are more than that recommended and weight is lost through fat and not muscle tissue. The rate of loss is around 0.5kg per week so it is not a speedy result for effort.

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Walking and weight loss.

Just about every diet program recommends walking as the best exercise to accompany a diet and achieve weight loss. Choice magazine recently listed exercise as the key to the hardest part of dieting and for maintaining weight loss. It claims that "keeping up the exercise is enough to stop gaining weight again."

Weight management programs

There are hundreds of such programs available that rely on healthy eating and exercise to achieve weight loss goals. The problem for most people is that they usually cost a lot of money and tend to play on the gullibility of those desperate for help. Many such programs operate their own exercise equipment and may charge hundreds of dollars for subscriptions to their gyms. That is on top of the cost for food they provide.

Quick and easy weight loss

There really is no such thing for long term weight loss. Many who try to lose weight quickly will soon put it on again when the diet is over. That is because they revert to old habits and the body is starving for the necessary nutrients that have been denied it.

Losing weight naturally

This is the cheapest and, in the long term, probably the best way to lose weight. It involves a healthy diet free of fats, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and no sugary drinks. In fact people who are serious about weight loss will usually give up sugar in the first instance. Water is essential for health and less tea and coffee is also recommended.

Fast food loss weight

There is publicity regarding a guy who claims to have lost weight by eating a specific type of sandwich through a fast food outlet. But there may have been other factors involved that we are not told about. For instance, how much exercise he undertook at the time? The food may also have cost a lot of money as he needed to buy it three times a day. That could amount to some $30 or more a day or $210 a week at least. There are cheaper and better ways to achieve the goal and not everyone can stick to the same food three times a day seven days a week. It is also not healthy to do this..

Lose weight without dieting

This is the greatest form of weight loss and it comes mainly through exercise that builds up muscles and ensures fat loss. That's why athletes are usually trim and muscular. They also adhere to a natural healthy diet and avoid large amounts of fat and sugar intake.

Lose weight by walking

Walking has been demonstrated to be the best form of exercise to lose weight. Done consistently and over a period of time it certainly works. It places the least amount of strain on the heart and is rather pleasant to undertake on a regular basis, such as an hour a day.

Quick healthy weight loss

This type of thing may not exist as the examples noted above show. Most successful weight loss programs are undertaken over a lengthy period of time for long term results.

Diet weight control

Certain types of healthy nutritious rich diets obviously work when taken in conjunction with exercise. They are supported by the medical profession and have long lasting results when the right amount of determination and focus exists.

Lose weight really fast

This is dangerous and not recommended. Some people, like jockeys and prize fighters for instance, must loose weight before their events. But they often do it by depriving the body of essential fluids as well as food to make the grade. Water and fruit juice are important ingredients when losing weight and the more one drinks of them the better.


Weight loss has to be taken seriously for it to be effective. That means determination and focus on the part of the one losing the weight. It also means ingesting the right nutrition and fluids. It has to be done with the proper balance and given a fair time frame for success. It is also done in conjunction with exercise and common sense. Unless the will to lose weight is present the chances of success are slim.

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